Why spiritual men don’t whine

39 How can a living man indulge in complaints, an able-bodied man on account of his sin?
נ [Nun]
40 Do let us search out our ways and explore them, and do let us return clear to Jehovah.
41 Let us raise our heart along with [our] palms to God in the heavens:
42 “We ourselves have transgressed, and we have behaved rebelliously. You yourself have not forgiven.

(Lamentations 3)

i value this train of verses, inasmuch as it presents an immediately actionable plan for me whenever i am tempted to utter the slothful lies typical of a physical/soulical man’s weltanschauung.  i must center my thoughts, consciously and prayerfully choose to search out my ways, and ‘return clear to Jehovah’ by ruthlessly abandoning whatever excuse or complaint i was conjuring.

excerpt from w55 3/15:

“Who would deliberately choose to be unhappy? Then why complain, which always brings unhappiness? The complainer has brought it on himself; he has permitted selfishness to enter in. He wholly fails to understand why the tests come upon him. No longer does he have the right outlook on the burdens, hardships and persecution that have befallen him. He has forgotten what Peter wrote: “Beloved ones, do not be puzzled at the burning among you which is happening to you for a trial, as though a strange thing were befalling you. On the contrary, go on rejoicing forasmuch as you are sharers in the sufferings of the Christ, that you may rejoice and be overjoyed also during the revelation of his glory. If you are being reproached for the name of Christ, you are happy, because the spirit of glory, even the spirit of God, is resting upon you.” (1 Pet. 4:12-14, NW) Here is laid down the fundamental reason and necessity for Christians to keep integrity with the right mental outlook. Consequently a struggle to keep integrity must be expected.—Job 1:6-12.
9 Jesus Christ warned too of what his followers must expect: “I have spoken these things to you that you may not be stumbled. Men will expel you from the congregation. In fact, the hour is coming when everyone that kills you will imagine he has rendered a sacred service to God. But they will do these things because they have not come to know either the Father or me. Nevertheless, I have spoken these things to you that, when the hour for them arrives, you may remember I told them to you.” (John 16:1-4, NW) Let none become so self-centered, unreasonable or forgetful about the reasons for keeping integrity to Jehovah as to complain or even go to the extreme of rebelling against burdens and hardships. Rather, pause to reason about the matter: when you dedicated yourself to a life of service to Jehovah did you expect a life of luxury, ease and idleness? One who wishes a vacation does not seek employment. Nor does one who enlists in any army expect a furlough. And Christians have volunteered for spiritual warfare.—2 Cor. 10:3, 4; Eph. 6:13.
10 Jehovah’s witnesses need not pity their lot as sharers in the sufferings of Christ. Complainers are always unhappy. It is Jehovah’s promise that those who worship him will be happy, and he has not lied. What if we must endure hardships, overcome difficult problems, bear up under persecution? Does suffering hardship mean loss of happiness? Experience has demonstrated beyond argument the answer is an emphatic no!”

W55 3/15



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