Avoid all affiliation with hypocritical pseudo-christianity!

This post pertains to an examination of details in Ezekiel’s vision of the men with the smashing instruments and the man with the secretary’s inkhorn.

Note especially the significance of whence the smashing begins.

“Another thing to watch now is our religious connections. Remember that the “six men” were ordered to start their shattering of heads from Jehovah’s sanctuary, where those who tried to mix Jehovah’s pure worship with unclean pagan worship were. The “six men” did not feel compassion or pity for the hypocritical religionists, for we next read: “So they started with the old men that were before the house. And he said further to them: ‘Defile the house and fill the courtyards with the slain ones. Go forth!’ And they went forth and struck in the city.” (Ezek. 9:6, 7; 8:10-12) Later the temple as well as the city was destroyed by the Babylonians. So, if we keep associating with that hypocritically religious crowd inside Christendom, can we reasonably expect to be marked by the King’s secretary in the forehead and be spared the disastrous end of those unrepentant false worshipers? Not at all!
14 So extensive will the snuffing out of lives in Christendom and in the whole worldwide system of things be that it will appear as if no one would be spared and escape. But we should not think that Jehovah is going too far with his execution of judgment, nor should we feel sorry for those executed by God’s means and agencies. Jehovah God is not unjust, and we should respect him by taking his viewpoint.”

w72 1/15

The principle of Jah’s sanctuary, or temple (once regarded as sacred, now abandoned by Him and thus deemed profane, even contaminated) serving as the initial kill zone in a climactic display of executionary force is not unique to this prophetic passage.

Note these prophecies excerpted from Matthew and Luke:

It was in 66 C.E. that Jesus’ words could first be acted upon. In that year the Roman armies under Cestius Gallus stood in a “holy place,” that is, Jerusalem and its environs. (Compare Matthew 4:5; 27:53.) The Roman armies got into the city itself and even began undermining the temple wall—an act that meant assailing what the Jews considered to be very “holy.” Actually, Jerusalem and its temple had already lost a sacred standing with God. As Jesus Christ had said earlier: “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets and stoner of those sent forth to her—how often I wanted to gather your children together in the manner that a hen gathers her brood of chicks under her wings, but you people did not want it! Look! Your house is abandoned to you.”—Luke 13:34, 35.
Yet, to the Jewish people Jerusalem still was a “holy place.” The presence of the Roman armies in this “holy place” was, therefore, disgusting. Furthermore, the Roman armies were not acting out of any love for the true God in coming against Jerusalem. Rightly, then, the Roman armies were prophetically designated as the “disgusting thing.”

w75 12/15

” We know that desolation awaits false religion. Babylon the Great is “drunk with the blood of the holy ones” and has acted as a queen, but her destruction is certain. The unclean influence she has wielded over the kings of the earth will dramatically change as that relationship turns into one of violent hatred on the part of the ‘ten horns and the wild beast.’ (Revelation 17:6, 16; 18:7, 8) When the “scarlet-colored wild beast” attacks the religious harlot, “the disgusting thing” will be standing in a menacing way in Christendom’s so-called holy place. So desolation will begin on faithless Christendom, which portrays itself as holy.”

w99 5/1

Again ‘holy’ here refers to its status as ascribed by the apostates and rebels.



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