Four Angels’ Identity

The four angels mentioned in Revelation 9:13,14 represent the remnant of spirit-anointed christians released since 1919 to unflinchingly expose the noisome propaganda and mendacity of Christendom.

Poignant detail this, for this role of the remnant has not attenuated with time’s passage. Those arcane, chimerical agencies of control (churches of Christendom) are still an offensive, defamatory, libelous element actively inflicting harm and violence to God’s people–and their destruction is near, ironically at the hands of their former political paramours.

” What is the source of the second woe? John writes: “And the sixth angel blew his trumpet. And I heard one voice out of the horns of the golden altar that is before God say to the sixth angel, who had the trumpet: ‘Untie the four angels that are bound at the great river Euphrates.’” (Revelation 9:13, 14) The angels’ release is in answer to the voice that comes from the horns of the golden altar. This is the golden incense altar, and twice previously the incense of the golden bowls from this altar has been associated with the prayers of the holy ones. (Revelation 5:8; 8:3, 4) Therefore, this one voice represents the united prayers of the holy ones on earth. They petition that they themselves be delivered for further energetic service as Jehovah’s “messengers,” this being the basic meaning of the Greek word here translated “angels.” Why are there four angels? This symbolic number seems to indicate that they would be so organized as to cover the earth in its entirety.—Revelation 7:1; 20:8.
3 How had those angels been “bound at the great river Euphrates”? The river Euphrates in ancient times was the northeastern border of the land that Jehovah promised to Abraham. (Genesis 15:18; Deuteronomy 11:24) Apparently, the angels had been restrained at the border of their God-given land, or earthly realm of activity, held back from entering fully into the service that Jehovah had prepared for them. The Euphrates was also prominently associated with the city of Babylon, and after the fall of Jerusalem in 607 B.C.E., fleshly Israelites spent 70 years there in captivity, “bound at the great river Euphrates.” (Psalm 137:1) The year 1919 found the spiritual Israelites bound in a similar restraint, disconsolate and asking Jehovah for guidance.
4 Happily, John can report: “And the four angels were untied, who have been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, to kill a third of the men.” (Revelation 9:15) Jehovah is a precise Timekeeper. He has a timetable and is keeping to it. Hence, these messengers are released exactly on schedule and in time to accomplish what they have to do. Imagine their joy on coming forth from bondage in 1919, ready for work! They have a commission not only to torment but finally “to kill a third of the men.” This is related to the plagues heralded by the first four trumpet blasts, which afflicted a third of the earth, the sea, the creatures in the sea, the fountains and rivers, and the heavenly light sources. (Revelation 8:7-12) The four angels go further. They “kill,” exposing to a completion Christendom’s spiritually dead condition. Trumpeted pronouncements, made from 1922 onward and continuing to the present time, have accomplished this.”

(from the Revelation Book)





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