Avoid Jeshurun’s snare

49 Look! This is what proved to be the error of Sod′om your sister: Pride, sufficiency of bread and the carefreeness of keeping undisturbed were what happened to belong to her and her dependent towns, and the hand of the afflicted one and the poor one she did not strengthen. 50 And they continued to be haughty and to carry on a detestable thing before me, and I finally removed them, just as I saw [fit].

Ezekiel 16

Now compare with Deut 32:11-19:

11 Just as an eagle stirs up its nest,
Hovers over its fledglings,
Spreads out its wings, takes them,
Carries them on its pinions,
12 Jehovah alone kept leading him,
And there was no foreign god along with him.
13 He kept making him ride upon earth’s high places,
So that he ate the produce of the field.
And he kept making him suck honey out of a crag,
And oil out of a flinty rock;
14 Butter of the herd and milk of the flock
Together with the fat of rams,
And male sheep, the breed of Ba′shan, and he-goats
Together with the kidney fat of wheat;
And the blood of the grape you kept drinking as wine.
15 When Jesh′u·run began to grow fat, then he kicked.
You have grown fat, you have become thick, you have become gorged.
So he forsook God, who made him,
And despised the Rock of his salvation.
16 They began inciting him to jealousy with strange gods;
With detestable things they kept offending him.
17 They went sacrificing to demons, not to God,
Gods whom they had not known,
New ones who recently came in,
With whom YOUR forefathers were not acquainted.
18 The Rock who fathered you, you proceeded to forget,
And you began to leave God out of memory, the One bringing you forth with childbirth pains.
19 When Jehovah saw it, then he came to disrespect them,
Because of the vexation his sons and his daughters gave.

My takeaway point for this succession is this: possessing plenty can be a curse if one fails to see things as a spiritual man.  We enjoy many valuable blessings by virtue of our friendship with Jah, alliance with his earthly and celestial organization, avoidance of pain and heartache wreaked upon the ‘inexperienced’ masses alienated from their Creator.   But never forget the source.  It is a gift from the Most High, enabled through the sacrifice of His Son.

So what is the correct attitude to have in regard to situational as well as material blessings, the ”fat of rams” and the ”kidney fat of wheat”?

That’s a topic for another day:)




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