Negotiating Terms in Satan’s System

In the 14th year of Hezekiah’s reign (732 B.C.E.), Sennacherib “came up against all the fortified cities of Judah and proceeded to seize them.” Hezekiah offered to buy Sennacherib off to save the threatened city of Jerusalem, whereupon Sennacherib demanded the enormous sum of 300 silver talents (c. $1,982,000) and 30 gold talents (c. $11,560,000). To pay this amount, Hezekiah was obliged to give all the silver that was found in the temple and the royal treasury, besides the precious metals that Hezekiah himself had caused to be overlaid on the temple doors and posts. This satisfied the king of Assyria, but only temporarily.

it-1, Hezekiah

The reader will recall how this account ends.

Do you think Hezekiah and Jerusalem’s inhabitants would have still been miraculously delivered if the 300/30 talents had not been proferred?

Principle:  Satan’s system will take whatever you let it take.  It is tireless, it is insidious, it is teleological.  And it is cunning.

Like a master negotiator, it will seek to improve its terms–but it will be content merely to impoverish your resources, blunt your mental energies, distract your focus, and attenuate the quality of your life.

What is the most recent concession Satan’s system has imperiously demanded of me?

Did I succumb to the same error as Hezekiah?

Bolster your mind.  Prepare yourself.  Be vigilant.  Be defensive when it comes to your spiritual health and theocratic routine.

Don’t relinquish precious resources to this corrupt system of things just because it demands them from you.  Trust in Jehovah.


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