The Creator’s View of Economic Oppression

15 And I will strike down the winter house in addition to the summer house.’
“‘And the houses of ivory will have to perish, and many houses will have to come to their finish,’ is the utterance of Jehovah.”

Amos 3

“Hear this word, YOU cows of Ba′shan, who are on the mountain of Sa·mar′i·a, who are defrauding the lowly ones, who are crushing the poor ones, who are saying to their masters, ‘Do bring, and let us drink!’

Amos 4

11 Therefore, for the reason that YOU are extracting farm rent from someone lowly, and the tribute of grain YOU keep taking from him; houses of hewn stone YOU have built, but YOU will not keep dwelling in them; and desirable vineyards YOU have planted, but YOU will not keep drinking the wine of them. 12 For I have known how many YOUR revolts are and how mighty YOUR sins are, O YOU who are showing hostility toward someone righteous, YOU who are taking hush money, and the ones who have turned aside poor people even in the gate.

Amos 5

4 [YOU men] that are lying down on couches of ivory and are sprawling on their divans, and are eating the rams out of a flock and the young bulls from among fattened calves; 5 that are improvising according to the sound of the stringed instrument; that, like David, have devised for themselves instruments for song; 6 that are drinking out of bowls of wine, and that with the choicest oils do their anointing, and that have not been made sick at the catastrophe of Joseph.
7 “Therefore now they will go into exile at the head of those going into exile, and the revelry of sprawling ones must depart.

Amos 6

“Hear this, YOU men snapping at someone poor, even in order to cause the meek ones of the earth to cease, 5 saying, ‘How long will it be before the new moon passes and we may sell cereals? Also, the sabbath, and we may offer grain for sale; in order to make the e′phah small and to make the shekel great and to falsify the scales of deception; 6 in order to buy lowly people for mere silver and someone poor for [the price of] a pair of sandals, and that we may sell mere refuse of grain?’
7 “Jehovah has sworn by the Superiority of Jacob, ‘Never will I forget all their works.

Amos 8


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